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Hello. I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment, so have invited a friend or two  to write guest articles for me on various aspects of natural health  ………….

The first post is about Health Qigong………… see below.

I have practised Tai Chi for a few years now (in my imperfect way!!) and relatively recently, have taken up Qigong too. Making time to practise a little of both each day has really helped to raise my health and energy up a notch.   

Tai Chi and Qi Gong  teacher, Vicky Ahern, explains here about Qigong and its health benefits.

Health Qigong Classes

Health Qigong

What is Qigong? Most people have heard of Tai Chi which is a slow moving martial art form that is practised mostly for health & wellbeing purposes these days.  It comes from China & is traditionally practised in parks in the early morning by millions of people worldwide.

Well, Qigong is the non-martial health & wellness exercise of ancient China.  It is made up of 2 words Qi meaning vital energy or breath & Gong meaning practice or cultivation or work, therefore together “Energy Work”.  It can be seen as the inside of Tai Chi or Chinese Yoga as there are many movements that extend the body although it is practised mainly standing rather than on a floor mat and each movement is connected by a transition so the movements flow into each other becoming like a slow dance.  Health Qigong can also be practised seated on a chair, stool or on the floor.  Therefore it can be learned by almost anyone, regardless of their physical fitness.  All that is necessary is an interest to learn an enjoyable movement regime that will enrich your life.  The usual benefits we find are; better coordination, flexibility, relaxation, mental focus, stability, core strength, improved circulation & respiration.  Plus it’s a great mood changer!

In recent years, much research has been undertaken at a number of Chinese Universities into the history & benefits of Qigong, which includes modern physiological testing & sports science as well as traditional Chinese medicine theory.  This has resulted in 9 of the most popular & beneficial systems or regimens of Qigong being promoted far & wide.  Each system has between 6 & 12 movements so is easy to learn, beneficial to health and enjoyable.

Vicky Ahern of The Chi Clinic in Cheam, Surrey has been learning, practising Tai Chi & Qigong for 17 years & these Health Qigong forms since 2010.  She has had the privilege of training under the top Professors from the Chinese Health Qigong Association on their visits to the UK each year.   Vicky has also travelled with her teacher, Master Faye Yip, President of the British Health Qigong Association, to China numerous times to learn with the Masters in Beijing, Shanghai & Wudang mountain (the sacred mountain where the Taoist Monks live & where Tai Chi originated) & also to Portugal for a week long European Instructors Seminar.

Classes with Vicky are held weekly on Tuesday evenings & Thursday mornings.  Seminars / Workshops are held on Saturday’s regularly although not every week.  See www.thechiclinic.co.uk for up to date information, “Like” our Facebook page “The Chi Clinic” or phone 020 8641 3756.