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Today’s blog is written by my friend and fab homeopath, Jane Spencer. 

I’m thankful that hayfever is something from which I’ve never suffered, but I do know how miserable it can make summer for a lot of people. 

Jane gives us her top tips and I’ve added a smidgeon below about the importance of staying hydrated and eating a nutrient-rich diet. 

And now, over to Jane ………… 

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Summer has finally arrived – hurrah for most of us!  Yet for hayfever sufferers the sun can also bring misery.  Those who have never experienced seasonal allergy cannot understand the sheer desperation people feel for some relief from itchy and swollen eyes, constant sneezing, sore and running noses and that general feeling of malaise which prevents them from enjoying the outdoor life.

Fear not. Help is at hand.  Homeopathy can provide a safe and simple respite from these symptoms.  As not everyone suffers from exactly the same symptoms, there are several remedies to choose from and these are the most common:

Allium – streaming eyes with bland discharge, streaming nose which makes nostrils and upper lip sore, symptoms worse indoors than out.

Euphrasia – burning and swelling of eyelids, itching, and sticky discharge.

Nux Vomica – eyes smarting and sensitive to light, stuffy nose and obstructed breathing, itching inside ears and general irritability.

Sabadilla – violent sneezing, watering eyes, eyelids red and swollen, and sometimes accompanied by headache.

Homeopathic remedies are easy to take and are free from side effects.  If you are not sure which remedy to take, a qualified homeopath will help you decide and can even make up a specific combination remedy for you.

A change in diet can also help to relieve symptoms.   Onions and garlic contain quercitin which reduces the amount of histamine released by body cells.  Vitamin C contained in fruits such as strawberries and blackcurrants is a natural antihistamine.   Cutting down on refined carbohydrates, sugar and milk products can reduce catarrh and help with streaming noses.  I am sure that Judith can offer other helpful nutritional advice!

Other handy tips include lining the nostrils with HayMax, which reduces the amount of pollen getting into the system, as well showering and washing your hair if you have been out in an area of high pollen.

From Judith:

In his book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, Dr F Batmanghelidj, explains how histamine has a second function in the body, that of water redistribution in times of dehydration. This means that when we are dehydrated, we generate more histamine, which isn’t good news for those suffering with hayfever.

Nowadays, most people are dehydrated to a greater or lesser extent. Not drinking enough water, using diuretics (such as coffee) instead, living a stressful life (hugely dehydrating) and eating fewer fruits and vegetables (naturally rich in water), all play a big part in dehydrating us at the cellular level. At all times (not just summer), it is important to address this so that the body doesn’t feel that it is in a desert !!!!

Read my article on water and dehydration here https://judithreidnaturalhealth.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/cells-in-desert/

Eating a clean, plant-based diet can also help with hayfever, as suggested by Jane. I would go as far as to recommend cutting out wheat, dairy and sugar, and ensuring a diet rich in organic fruit and veg, which is high in plant chemicals, such as quercitin, as mentioned above.

Air quality is key too. I would recommend an air filter if budget allows, as amazingly, our home environment is often more polluted than outside!! If you would like to know more about this, please drop me a line at judithreidnutrition@gmail.com


Jane has been running her own homeopathic practice for 17 years and treats clients in Brighton and Guildford  (and all areas in-between by special arrangement.)  As well as homeopathic remedies, Jane also uses flower essences, in particular Australian Bush Flower Essences which she has found can bring quick and long-lasting results.

Jane Spencer MLCHom MCMA      www.spencerholistic.co.uk jane@spencerholistic.co.uk       07720 052354