A refreshing drink for the current hot weather. Yesterday, I made one with Lemon and Orange. DELISH 🙂

Nature Knows Best

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We’ve had a few scorching hot days recently and with the promise of a few more (hopefully), it’s well worth remembering to keep up your quota of water.

I love my filtered water, and really appreciate its fresh taste, especially on a hot summer’s day, but recently, I came across a recipe for a lemon and lime drink, and am now hooked!

I’ve added a smidgeon of raw honey to sweeten it, but I can imagine it would still be too tart for some palates, so it’s worth experimenting. Watering it down works well to bring the sharpness down a few pegs too!!

Use organic and unwaxed lemons and limes to ensure you get the highest nutrient value but the lowest toxicity count with each sip!

As you are using the whole fruit, you need a blender with a bit of a “bite” to cut…

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