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Here’s another short post from my lovely homeopath friend, Jane Spencer.

Today she looks at how to combat insect stings and bites, using homeopathy. 

I’ve added a link to another post (see below) which I wrote myself on insect bites. It gives a few more ideas on how to treat them naturally.

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How to Beat the Bzzzzzzzzzz!

I love picnics, with home-made lemonade, scones and strawberry jam, but what I don’t love is that tiny helicopter-like sound that appears as soon as the jam lid is opened.  Insect bites and stings can ruin a lovely day out, so here is a handy guide for homeopathic help:


Bee and wasp stings

Apis 30c, particularly if the area is hot, red, puffy and swollen and the pains are burning and stinging.

Ledum 30c, if the area is swollen, blue and cold or itchy.


Mosquito bites

Ledum 30c, again if the area is swollen, blue, cold and itchy.

Staphysagria 30c  if the area is excessively itchy or turns into large welts.



Aconite 30c if the person is very shocked and upset by  the bite or sting.

Apis 30c if the person is known to be severely allergic to bites or stings while you are waiting for medical help or searching for their own medical aids such as an  epi-pen. 


Also helpful for itchy bites and stings is lavender oil, which is particularly effective if applied before you first start scratching!



I never go travelling without my set of homeopathic remedies.  It’s just an integral part of my natural first-aid kit.

You may also like to dip into my article on Travel Health which includes a section on other ways to prevent and treat insect bites.  It can be found at  http://www.naturalhealthstar.com/general-wellness/natural-first-aid-kit-for-holiday-health/


A little bit about Jane

Jane has been running her own homeopathic practice for 17 years and treats clients in Brighton and Guildford  (and all areas in-between by special arrangement.)  As well as homeopathic remedies, Jane also uses flower essences, in particular Australian Bush Flower Essences which she has found can bring quick and long-lasting results.

Jane Spencer MLCHom MCMA       www.spencerholistic.co.uk     jane@spencerholistic.co.uk      07720 052354