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How Healthy are your habits When DID chocolate become a food group in our household?

I remember a time when a square of dark chocolate was a treat now and again.

Whilst working in an office, it became an afternoon MUST.

When I left to work for myself, the desperate need for it wasn’t there any longer……………..


As I tend to eat mainly raw chocolate now, there is a feeling that it’s healthy and therefore OK.

Currently there is a tub of very delicious homemade raw bounty bites in the fridge (mmmmmmmmm – I loved Bounty Bars as a child). Post-lunch nibbles have become something of a ritual!!

The good news is that I’m still aware of eating it. I haven’t yet slipped into the automatic mode of reaching into the fridge, eating and not realising what I’m doing. I often hear clients say that they munch their way through a packet of biscuits without being fully conscious of doing so!  One moment they have a full packet in their hands. The next, there’s an empty wrapper in close vicinity.

I’m not saying that raw chocolate is bad for me. I’m simply making an observation and using it to muse on how easy it seems for habits to form. The question is, why is it that the not-so-good-for-you habits bed themselves seamlessly into our lives, and yet we struggle to get past day two of more virtuous ways?

In her book “Simple Abundance”, Sarah Ban Breathnach’s states that For as long as we cling to bad habits that may not be life-threatening but certainly aren’t life-enhancing, we only steal from our potential.” 

Wow that’s pretty powerful stuff, but so true.

To reach our potential, we need to be operating at a high frequency. We literally need to be buzzing. Buzzing with energy and enthusiasm; inspired by life; and flowing at all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally.

If we are in pain, lacking energy, suffering with brain fog or just feeling down about life, we lack the oomph to get out of bed, let alone set the world alight with our gifts.

Our diet is one of the biggest influences on how our cells feel, and in turn how we feel, at all levels.    

Having that extra strong coffee in the morning might kick start you, but over time this or any other stimulant leaves the body in deficit. This can manifest in all sorts of symptoms, but top candidates are fatigue, poor sleep (leading to yet more fatigue), headaches etc.

Taking nutritional shortcuts, such as ready meals and takeaways, lower our frequency and energy further.

How healthy are your habits ?

Our cells are like batteries needing a recharge.

For me, March and September are good landmarks in the diary to think about implementing a change or two (or more!). In both, we celebrate equinoxes, times of natural change. Although September doesn’t enjoy the same promise of spring energy ahead, it is traditionally the start of a new school year, with shiny new notebooks (or do children only use PCs now?). Blank pages on which to write new stories, draw new pictures, shape new lives.

During the last few weeks of August, why not think ahead to September and plan some positive changes in your life.

Just one small change can make all the difference …………


In my next blog I shall talk about how to go about making some small but significant changes.