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Frank, whose fab blog is “Dutch Goes the Photo”, has set “Unusual” as the topic for this week’s Photo Challenge. Have a squiz at


and join in the fun 🙂

I haven’t had a chance to be out and about with my camera this week, so have delved into my archives…… as it is, not too far back.

The Dorking cockerel sits on a roundabout just up the road from my home. He was installed in 2006/2007 much to the disgust of many residents of the town, but I liked him as soon as I saw him, AND he makes a useful landmark for giving directions.

A great big metal cockerel is unusual for an old market town like Dorking, but as he has now become a much loved resident, he doesn’t seem that unusual !!!!

Now and again, some brave souls venture onto the roundabout to dress him up for special occasions. (Sadly, the council being spoil-sports soon “tidy” him up.)

Very recently, he was giving a ride to a yellow rubber duck – an unusual sight on a roundabout methinks !!!!!! 🙂

PS. I know that it’s a rather tenuous link to “Nature Knows Best”, but I’m hoping that this photo will raise a smile, and we all know that smiling is good for your health!!  🙂

Dorking Cockerel and friend