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Frank, whose fab blog is “Dutch Goes the Photo”, has set “FLOW” as the topic for this week’s Photo Challenge. See https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2016/11/29/tuesday-photo-challenge-flow/

This week has been pretty cold here in the UK, and when I visited the local pond found it frozen over. Quite the opposite of flowing!! I have therefore gone to the archives for a spot of flow.  

Flow is a fundamental aspect of health. When our thoughts, emotions, energy and movements are all flowing, we are healthy and probably don’t think about our health at all. Like a river flowing, we have plenty of energy, direction, movement and we thrive. Eating healthily, drinking water, taking daily exercise and enjoying good quality sleep on a regular basis, as well as thinking positively, all help to facilitate this flow.   

Sadly, if we don’t look after ourselves, we can get stuck one way or other and our health can start to suffer. Maybe we get stuck mentally, unable to make an important decision, maybe we get stuck emotionally in grief. We can also get stuck in a physical illness which prevents us from living life to the full, perhaps because we lack energy or are in pain. I’m a great believer that however we are stuck we can get things flowing better again by looking at our diet, lifestyle and thought patterns. One of the most important things to address is drinking water. Hence the pictures of flowing water here. These were taken at Chatsworth, Derbyshire.    


       The Cascade at Chatsworth House, Derbyshire