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It’s now just a couple of days away from New Year.

New diary and new stationery at the ready (I HAVE to have a lovely new notebook in which to christen the new year).

I’ve said before that 01 January is NOT the time for bold resolutions, but it is a nice reflective time to ponder on how you want your life to shape up in the coming year and beyond.

Over Christmas, Don helped at Crisis up in London which meant crack of dawn starts. I had promised myself a nice lazy lie in on Christmas morning but surprised myself by bouncing out of bed at 8am and getting on with the day pretty much straight off. The reason? I had promised myself a “me-day” in which I was going to get to grips with crocheting again. I spent the whole day fiddling around with different patterns and watching you tube videos on how I SHOULD have done it – ha ha!!

The last couple of years for me haven’t been easy. Losing Mum at the beginning of 2015 then clearing the family home this year left me in a state of low-grade depression, which has allowed me to function, but not thrive. I had forgotten what it was like to have something joyful to get out of bed for.  This made me realise that I needed more “happy things” in my life to give me more purpose.        

The other day I read a wonderful blog post entitled “Happy Chanukah” written by Rachel (see the post here =  https://rachelmankowitz.wordpress.com/2016/12/25/happy-chanukah/)  I’d recommend the whole blog as it’s full of enjoyable posts illustrated with photos of Rachel’s two delightful dogs called Cricket and Butterfly. Oops. I digress a little. In this, Rachel tells us that that the word Chanukah means “dedication” and is a time in the Jewish Calendar for rededication.   Rachel writes “I’ve decided that I’m going to rededicate myself to joy, and love, and fun.” What a splendid idea and one which I intend doing this coming year too. Thank you Rachel.

Factoring in something which makes you happy each day can lighten your outlook and give a sense of wellbeing. It fills you with an energy which can fuel other activities too. I plan to do more knitting and crocheting in 2017. What Happy Things will you introduce into your daily life in 2017 to make you bounce out of bed?            Blog 2016-12-29 Happy Things - Horsham, Mimi and Edward 2016 (6).JPG