Frank, whose fab blog is “Dutch Goes the Photo”, has set “COLD” as the topic for this week’s Photo Challenge, which would be so apt if it hadn’t been so mild this week!!!  I had in mind some lovely frosty scenes but it wasn’t meant to be, plus, I’ve been away from home visiting family with not much solo wandering time for photographing so it’s a dip into the archive from me this week.

Having got home late last night we found the heating was kaput, so I have discovered COLD after all, but not sure that me dressed in a zillion layers (and dressing gown) and woolly hat whilst typing this would make a good image!!!!!! Ha ha.  🙂

Stay warm and cosy everyone 🙂  

See https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/01/03/tuesday-photo-challenge-cold/