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For those of you who follow my blog or know me personally, you’ll be aware that my mother passed away almost two years ago. I didn’t publish it on social media at the time, but a year on, wrote a post about key things I had learnt about grief.

Some people said it would take a year to work through my grief. Another friend told me two years. I don’t believe you can put a time limit on grief but one of the most important things is to work through it, softly reflect, and move on as a wiser person.

Sometime last autumn I realised that a feeling of deep sadness was underpinning my whole life. On the face of it I functioned, but deep down I had lost the joy and enthusiasm that were once part of my makeup.

I considered flower essences, which have always helped me in the past, but for some reason, I resisted, believing at some level that I had to make this transition solo.  

Then, as so often happens, the universe spoke to me.

I was reading the rather wonderful book “Everything I’ve ever done that worked” by Lesley Garner, a beautifully written collection of wise nuggets, gleaned from experience. One of her musings was about sadness and how the Bush Flower Essence “Sturt Desert Pea” had resolved hers quickly. I had the remedy in, so decided to give it a go.

I planned to take it twice daily for a couple of weeks (or longer if I had felt the need), and was amazed after only a few days that I was feeling much brighter. The shift was subtle but most definitely there. I continued taking it for the fortnight and can honestly say that it made a HUGE difference.

In his book “Australian Bush Flower Essences”, Ian White states that this essence is for “deep hurts that have been stored for many years”. He goes on to say that “Sturt Desert Pea and Waratah are, to my mind the most powerful of the bush essences”.   

The positive outcomes of taking it include: letting go; diffusing sad memories; motivating and energising.  

One very satisfied “customer” here!!! Thank you to Australian Bush Flower Essences and in particular to Sturt Desert Pea.