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For the next few posts, I’m handing over my blog to my two elephants, Herb and Ginger. They are going to impart some thoughts on crazy human behaviour and how to get healthy, pachyderm-style.    

So let’s begin ……….


Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on Living in the Now


Nowadays, humans complain a lot about how time seems to be speeding up.

Where did January go? Where did the year go? Where did my life go?  They ask.

Well here are a few elly observations about human behaviour.

There seems to be a lot of rushing around, doing far too much, whilst doing very little that actually matters.

Whilst doing one activity, there’s a lot of clock-watching to ensure one gets to the next activity. This means that no experience is fully experienced. It is simply ticked off as having been done. An achievement. But did it mean anything?

We think this is perhaps why a human’s memory isn’t always up to standard too. How can you remember where you put that elusive book, if you put it down whilst simultaneously texting a friend and worrying about something that is happening next Wednesday?

Deep breath. Pause. Rethink the diary.     

I think humans call it mindfulness. We call it just being. Going with the flow. Enjoying every moment. Not worrying about tomorrow. Just looking at, listening to, smelling, feeling and tasting this delicious moment right now.


Oooo – just try it.  Nice, eh?


Be wise like an elephant.  


Herb and Ginger xx


Herb and Ginger just being 🙂