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Here are a few more tips on how to get healthy pachyderm-style – from my elephants, Herb and Ginger.


Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on eating (Vegetation etc)  

As elephants, we spend a silly amount of time eating.

Greens are a firm favourite and whilst wandering in the jungle (and elsewhere), we often break off a branch to eat on the go. Healthy snacks are the order of the day!!

Oh humans, what are you doing? We see you eating a lot of unnatural processed stuff with lots of packaging that gets discarded. You are polluting both your own body and our lovely habitat in just a few bites!!

Our tips for a healthy constitution, lots of energy, and strong bones?

Eat natural foods with lots of greens included.

Choose healthy snacks …………..

Nature has provided fresh delicious snacks ……. apples, bananas (a particular favourite, but we think you would prefer them peeled – ha ha!), pineapples, berries, carrots, etc …………. The list is endless.

What about a nice trail mix with a mx of seeds, bits of dried fruit? OK – small secret  here – throw in a few shards of raw dark chocolate too. (Please note that where chocolate is not good for animals, the species of Elephas Rosa Cartoonis, to which we belong, thrive on cacao!)

Homemade bliss / energy balls.

Hummus / Guacamole with vegetable sticks – celery, carrots, peppers.

Nice green smoothies (get those green leaves in).

Plan ahead.

If you are out and about, carry a little something with you so that you won’t get tempted to eat not-so-healthy offerings.

Start making healthy food choices today.

Be wise like an elephant.    

Herb and Ginger xx

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