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Frank, whose fab blog is “Dutch Goes the Photo”, has set “BLOOM” as the topic for this week’s Photo Challenge. 

See  https://dutchgoesthephoto.net/2017/03/07/tuesday-photo-challenge-bloom/

Suddenly spring has sprung!!  Winter can be a hard season for a lot of us, and last December onwards I chose to “hibernate” as best as possible (although it was difficult to go fully “bear”).

Now that we are tiptoeing towards the Spring Equinox, nature’s energy is picking up, providing more light, warm rays of sunshine and gorgeously smile-inducing daffodils and crocuses. It is such a positive time of year, when we can shed our winter habits of introspection, reflection and reverie and instead start to uncurl like a bud on a tree or flower, and simply bloom. Now is the time to put winter daydreams into action, to start creating a heart-felt life that feels just right.  

I love crocuses. They remind me of my grandmother who admired them every year when they started popping up in the border by her lounge window.  Their velvet coats in purples and golds herald a new year, a new beginning.      

CCH March 2017 (1)CCH March 2017 (2)CCH March 2017 (3)CCH March 2017 (4)