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Here are a few more tips on how to get healthy pachyderm-style – from my elephants, Herb and Ginger.

Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on Having Fun   

You may wonder why “having fun” features in an article about health.

A pink elephant’s healthcare is very much holistic and embraces the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of wellbeing. Having fun feeds all of these!! It nourishes the soul, puts a smile on your face, a twinkle in your eye, a spring in your step and floods every cell in your body with feel good chemicals. Life feels light and joyous.

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We have observed that humans tend to get terribly serious when they grow up, and fun rarely features in their daily life, if at all!!  Adult humans always look so stressed and worried. No smiles, no twinkles, no springing steps. Life looks heavy and quite depressing.

We know that there are serious matters to attend to, but a daily dose of fun can bolster the spirit, so that the serious doesn’t drag you right down.

Here are some suggestions ……..

  • Ditch the news (yes, honestly). Read or watch something light-hearted instead.
  • Remember what you enjoyed doing as a child. Do it again!! Reintroduce yourself to your inner child. Ask yourself, “what does she / he love doing?”
  • Tune into things which make you laugh, such as a funny film, radio show, or book.
  • Do something for the sheer joy of doing it (not so that it can get ticked off a list or added to your achievements).
  • Try something new and approach it with fun.

Booking some regular fun into your diary means there is something to look forward to and look back on (and smile). It has been shown that even thinking about nice things produces the same happy chemicals in your body as when you do them!!

Laugh more and approach life in a more light-hearted way. Think Heart-sinG, not heart-sinK.

Think of having fun as a way to manufacture health-boosting happy-chemicals for each of your cells. Win-win. Happy you, happy cells.

Get your fun hat on today.

Be wise like an elephant

Herb and Ginger



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