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Here are a few more tips on how to get healthy pachyderm-style – from my elephants, Herb and Ginger.

Elly Wisdom - BE YOURSELF - Picmonkey

Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on Being Yourself

When asked, who she would like to be in all the world, our eldest Lily, without hesitation replied “I like being me”.

We pink elephants like who we are.

We appreciate that each of us is a unique creature with special qualities and gifts.

We don’t wish to be something else. Nor do we compare ourselves to others.

And we certainly don’t change our ways just because someone disapproves or makes fun of us.

For instance, Ginger likes wearing hats. Elephants aren’t supposed to wear hats, but she doesn’t care.

Be your good self. Be individual.

Don’t wish your life away wanting to be someone else.

Aside: obviously you might wish to be a pink elephant. That is perfectly understandable, but let’s face it, not very realistic!!

Love yourself for who you are. Don’t waste energy on any perceived negatives (e.g. not being an elephant, not being able to carry off a hat quite as well as Ginger).

Instead high-five all your plus points.  Enjoy being the best version of YOU.

Be wise like an elephant

Herb and Ginger