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Here are a few more tips on how to get healthy pachyderm-style – from my elephants, Herb and Ginger.

Elly Wisdom - DITCH EMBARRASSMENT - Picmonkey

Herb and Ginger says Ditch Embarrassment

Pink elephants just get on with life and don’t continually judge themselves for what they have or haven’t done. They don’t do embarrassment, guilt, regret or shame. Why? Because they consider these emotions a BIG waste of time and energy. What’s done, is done. You can’t go back and undo it (unless you have a time machine!)

Worrying over what you did two years ago means your head is in the past, thus not allowing you to fully enjoy the moment NOW. See our post about <<Living in the Now>>.

Worrying also drains you and your cells of energy big time, energy which would be better used doing something positive and potentially healing today.

When we do something silly, we have a good laugh at ourselves, then get on with things.

When we feel that an apology is in order, we say a big SORRY, then get on with things.

When we feel that we should or shouldn’t have done something, we learn from our mistakes, then get on with things ……

Get the idea?

Be wise like an elephant

Herb and Ginger