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Springtime is such an optimistic time. How can we not be hopeful when surrounded by cheerful yellow flowers?!!!

For me, the spring equinox is the real start to the new year, when we can plan and put into action all those creative ideas and projects dreamt up during the quiet reflective winter just past.

It seems that almost overnight, we are surrounded by buds on trees, spring flowers, and animals waking up to a new year, all tapping into Mother Nature’s increasing energy.

Our cells respond to this too. Even if we look after ourselves, it’s difficult sometimes not to feel the shift in energy at equinox, when our cells can start a bit of a spring clean. I had a bit of a tickly throat for a couple of days, probably not helped by the chill wind which seems to have accompanied the change in season.

Spring-cleaning isn’t confined to the cells, either. I’ve suddenly found the energy to prune down a ridiculously large collection of online photos, and more surprisingly actually have done a spot of spring-cleaning around the house (shock horror!!). At some level, we all pick up on the spring energy!!

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So, what can we do to enjoy the best health this spring?

We need to support our cells as they adjust to the new spring energy and onwards into summer.

This means feeding them a nutrient-dense and water-rich diet, as well as facilitating their detox and the flow of toxins through and, ultimately, out of the body.

For this we need to support the lymph, blood, liver and bowels, which all play a key role.

In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), spring is the season for the liver, when it comes into its own, so it’s good to give this some extra TLC.

  • Exercise. This facilitates the movement of our lymph and circulation systems. It helps to deliver nutrients and oxygen to each cell. Try a brisk walk each day.
  • Skin brushing can support a gentle detox by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the lymph.
  • Water. Continue to drink plenty of water, as this helps the cells to spring clean more effectively.
  • Eat your spring greens. Lightly steamed, popped into a green smoothie or into a soup, absorb that wonderful energy and mineral-fest provided by Nature’s greens.
  • Milk Thistle. Taking a course of Milk Thistle tincture is a good way to support the liver at this time.
  • Nettle Tea The humble nettle is a powerhouse of a herb. It’s a good blood tonic / cleanser. I make a tea out of dried herbs and drink some every day.
  • Bowel Health Drinking plenty of water, eating lots of fruit and veg to provide fibre, and exercising all help to maintain good bowel health. Ideally, we should have three bowel motions a day, but at the very least, one.


A few extras

  • Dress appropriately. The week leading up to spring blessed us with some beautifully sunny and warm days. I still wore my hat and scarf, but I noticed a lot of people in town, dressed for summer. There is wisdom behind the old saying “Cast not a clout, ‘til May is out”. This week, people are back to dressing as if for an Antarctic Expedition!! We need to adjust to seasonal changes slowly, especially as our weather is far from predictable!
  • Creative projects. Spring is the ideal time to put a creative project into action. It’s a great way to relax, express yourself, and it’s a rare chance for some much-needed ME-time.
  • Commit to a healthier you. Start TODAY, not tomorrow, not this weekend, or next week. TODAY. Commit to BLOSSOMING this year like your favourite flower.

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