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Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on Growing Old Gracefully

Elly Wisdom - GROW OLD GRACEFULLY - Picmonkey


In our elephant world, grey and wrinkly are signs of wisdom. (Pink with wrinkles is also deemed to be something very special.) 

Humans seem to rail against both.

In the quest for eternal youth, they do some extraordinary things!

They spend silly amount of energy, money and time trying to maintain their looks on the outside, rather than appreciating the wisdom accumulated over the years stored in each and every one of their cells (not just in the brain).  

Ironically, they use harsh and toxic chemicals on their hair and skin, which is absorbed by their bodies. As a result, their lovely wise cells within get polluted, and this in turn causes aging!!!

What funny creatures humans are!!  

Beauty comes from within. A wise old face is still beautiful, whether pachyderm or human.

Eyes can still twinkle and mouths can still smile if you feel young at heart. Embrace that magic. 

In the elephant kingdom, we respect our elders and look to them for guidance. Their extraordinary memories and knowledge are valued greatly. 

Be wise like an elephant

Herb and Ginger