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A few years ago, I remember seeing the Horse Chestnut trees looking very unhappy. Their leaves were mottled badly with brown as if they had been scorched by some form of radiation. I later learnt that this was in fact due to a leaf-mining moth, and the prognosis looked bleak indeed. They had a death sentence hanging over their heads. The thought of no more Horse Chestnuts made me feel very sad.

Blog 2017-05-26 White Chestnut Essence - Chorlton Park, Manchester - May-2017 (1)

“Oh there the chestnuts summer through

Beside the river make for you,

A tunnel of green gloom, and sleep 

Deeply above………..”

so wrote Rupert Brooke in his poem “Granchester”.

This year I have been pleasantly surprised to see the Horse Chestnuts standing tall and proud and very green. I do hope this is good news!  

I managed to photograph an avenue of them in Chorlton Park, Manchester, which has particular meaning to me as I went to junior school right next door and walked past these trees many times during my formative years.  The wind was playing up a little but I’ve done my best. (I shall remember 2017 as the year of the never-ending wind !!!) 

Blog 2017-05-26 White Chestnut Essence - Chorlton Park, Manchester - May-2017 (2)

Dr Edward Bach used the flower of this tree for his White Chestnut Essence. This is probably one of the most used of his remedies as it is for worry and obsessive thoughts. In our stress-filled lives, we tend to dwell too much on certain thoughts, hanging onto them well past their use-by-date, perhaps going over and over a conversation we had that day or fretting over possible scenarios of something yet to happen (or not!). These thoughts take hold and it’s nigh on impossible to evict them!!  Stagnant thoughts can sap our energy and zest for life. White Chestnut Essence helps us to release them gently, thus allowing space for fresh thoughts to FLOW in and out, which is so important for good mental health and wellbeing.   

Blog 2017-05-26 White Chestnut Essence - Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire, May 2013

This is a lovely remedy to keep by the bedside, to take before sleeping or during a tossing-and-turning night, but if you are prone to a bit of “monkey chatter” at night or other times, it’s even more effective if taken several times a day, for a period. (Note – some people have instant results, others need to take it for days / weeks. Just go with the flow!!)  

Wishing you happy mental and emotional health.

Judith xx