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A little bit more commonsense thinking from my elephants, Herb and Ginger

Blog 2017-06-08 - Elly Wisdom - TUNE INTO NATURE #2 - picmonkey

Herb’s and Ginger’s tips on Tuning into Nature

For elephants, spending time in Nature is a spiritual and emotional “going home”.

It’s a place

😊 To be

😊 To relax

😊 To recharge

😊 To slow down in time to Nature’s rhythms

Nature’s prescription for stress, depression, not feeling oneself etc!


Here are a few tips

Enjoy a daily dose of Nature

  • a walk in a wood (where you can hug a tree without anyone seeing)
  • a pootle in a park
  • a laze on your lawn (barefoot is especially beneficial but make sure that it hasn’t been treated with nastic toxic chemicals)

Blog 2017-06-08 - Elly Wisdom - TUNE INTO NATURE #1 - picmonkey

Whilst there ………

  • Leave your work, worries and PHONE at home.
  • Enjoy the stillness.
  • Refill on Nature’s energies.
  • Calming, strengthening, rejuvenating.
  • The sun warming your face.
  • The gentlest breeze caressing your cheeks and tickling your nose.
  • The energising flow of chi through your feet.
  • Delight in all your senses coming alive.
  • The scent of pretty blossom and greenery.
  • The enchantment of birdsong.
  • The crazy curves of trunks (trees not elephants!!) and branches.
  • The flit of a butterfly or squirrel.
  • Feel the stress dissolve ……………………


Be wise like an elephant

Herb and Ginger