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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJune is the month when Wild Roses adorn the hedgerows in their gentle understated way. Each flower has five heart-shaped petals very delicately tinged with the palest pink hue. Some bushes, however, are a little bolder in their pinkness, but these look to me like they are blushing!!  

The essence of Wild Rose was chosen by Dr Edward Bach for apathy. Where life has become same-old, same-old, perhaps where we have out-grown our job or relationship, or where we have become resigned to an illness, apathy can set in. We go through the motions, without wanting more out of life or indeed seeking change. Taking Wild Rose Essence can inject some inspiration into our life. It can help us to start exploring our potential and to take a more proactive role in our own life. Life becomes more colourful as our eyes are opened to new possibilities.   


How to take  

If using directly from the stock bottle, take 2 drops under the tongue or in a little water.

If making

up a dosage bottle, add 2 drops from the stock bottle into a dropper bottle made up of water with a little brandy (which helps to preserve it). Each dose is then 4 drops under the tongue or in a little water. Have at least 4 doses each day. Can be added to any drinks, except alcohol.

You can add other Bach Flower Essences to your dropper bottle. If using Rescue Remedy, add 4 drops instead of 2.     


 Pictures taken recently at ECOS, Ballymena, Northern Ireland. Above you can see Slemish in the background.