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Courgette Noodles (1)


For those of you following a gluten-free diet, pasta can be a bit of a tricky area.

There are alternatives available, such as those made from rice, lentils (red pasta), buckwheat, peas (green pasta) etc but often if you don’t get the cooking time right, it can turn into a bit of a gloopy mess.   (Hint, bring the pasta to the boil slowly. Once it has started boiling, turn off the heat, stick a lid on, and allow the pasta to continue cooking sans-heat for a few minutes, but do keep an eye on it. Drain immediately and serve.)

For a rather delicious change, and ideal for those wishing to get more vegetables into their diet in a fun way, spiralised courgettes can masquerade quite nicely for pasta (although for the die-hard pasta-lovers, it really won’t do!)

The spiraliser that I bought a couple of years back could, I am sure, double up as an instrument of torture, so my advice is TREAT WITH RESPECT. I’ve had a few near misses. Definitely, it’s one to keep well out of the reach of children (and adults prone to doing something silly).

Skewering a courgette between the blade and handle secures it. You then turn the handle, which results in the courgette being pushed into the blade, and VOILA – you get a nice big bowl of courgette strands, a la spaghetti.   (The funny mushroom towers at the back of the plate are the bits left over from spiralising the courgette!)


You can eat it raw, or if preferred, lightly steamed.

Add lots of delicious pasta-related toppings – perhaps a tomato sauce or pesto.

I often just make a light dressing of chilli oil, lemon/lime juice and tamari then add in olives and chopped up bits of salad, as shown in the photo.

Enjoy 😊

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