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Blackberries seem to be out early this year. If you pop down to a hedgerow near you, you are sure to find lots of these delicious fruits.

Try to avoid heavily polluted bushes – i.e. those beside busy roads and railway lines (although, sadly most of them seem to flourish by railways!!).

Be wary of pesky nettles, which jealously guard the berries and try to catch foragers out, and if you don’t get stung, the vicious brambles can be quite unforgiving too!! Does Mother Nature really want to share her bounty??

This weekend I took my mother’s old wooden walking stick out with me – one with a curved handle – to hook brambles and pull them toward me. The stick is now beautifully stained with a little purple!!

Freshly picked, blackberries are oozing full of antioxidants, so are yummy AND health-giving.

I like to top my morning green smoothie with a handful …………. DEL-ISH-IOUS 🙂 🙂