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This week’s photo challenge from Frank (Dutch Goes The Photo) is STONES


I’ve chosen some photos of gravestones for my entry.

As a Family Historian, I have a fascination for graveyards and cemeteries. A gravestone is often the clue one needs to move forwards (although actually backwards in time!!) in the quest of following a particular family line. I’ve spent many a happy hour pottering around graves, hunting for an elusive stone, and at the same time getting side tracked by unrelated memorials. The three photos are not of my family. (Most of my “hunting” was done pre-digital.) I can only wonder at the lost stories hidden within those graves!!

Brougham, Near Penrith, May-2017 (45)

Brougham, Near Penrith

Chorlton Green churchyard, Mar-2017 (5) ZZ

Chorlton Green churchyard, Manchester

Dorking Churchyard. I wonder if James lived up to his name !!!